The Plan, two year anniversary!


Hey good people! On this day two years ago, we released our little experiment The Plan. We’ve been through some exiting times since then, and felt like providing a little retrospective.

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The free DLC for Among the Sleep is out!


We’ve been working on this extra little bit of the game along with our Kickstarter backers since release this summer. The free DLC contains a whole new chapter, which is meant to be played after the main game is completed (as it expands a bit on the main story).

So for those of you who’ve finished the game and long for more: enjoy!

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Free DLC for Among the Sleep coming next week! (Teaser inside)


Since release this summer, we’ve amongst other things been working on the Free DLC, that was one of our stretch goals during the Kickstarter for Among the Sleep. It is very close to being finished, and will be released next week on wednesday 5th of November!

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The wait is over, Among the Sleep is out! :D


And the game is now available from Steam, GOG & Humble Store! :) WHOOOP!

Gameinformer describes it as “an impressive feat in video game storytelling. It leaves more of an impact in a distilled 3 to 4 hours than some games with 60-hour campaigns”

Polygon says it’s “Terrifying and unmissable”

It’s been an incredible journey for us. What started out as a humble student project, have actually become a finished game. And even though it might show signs of being our first game ever, we both hope and think it provides a unique and interesting experience! The feedback and support have been amazing, and it feels great to finally be able to share the game with you.

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Development progress, New screenshot & more!

Hi everyone! Lots of things are happening simultaneously right now. Most importantly, we’re actually approaching the release of Among the Sleep! We couldn’t be more thrilled, even though it’s a bit hard to comprehend… Anyhow, we’re very super-close to announcing more release details – it’s not as far off as you might think :)

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About sharing videos of The Plan

Hi folks!

We have recently received mails from people who have done a Let’s Play of our game, The Plan, and received a copyright infringement claim on their video. Because of this, we would like to clarify the following:

We do allow Let’s Plays of our games, but we are not the copyright holders of the music used ingame. This means:

  • Users who post videos of the game and make ad revenue, do not share the authorization we obtained for use of this music.
  • If the video is without commentary or review, it is also concidered to be a ‘public performance’, which violates the copyright for the music’s owner.
  • We are not at liberty to ‘share’ our permission with people doing a Let’s Play video, which means we can not allow monetized Let’s Plays of the game.
  • Reviews of the game are however protected under the 1st Amendment rights, which covers free speech.

It is also worth noting that people have received claims from AdShare MG, which have no affiliation with Camerata. If you have made a review of The Plan and received a claim from AdShare MG, it should be safe to dispute this claim, and it should typically drop within 24 hours.

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Fresh gameplay teaser from Among the Sleep!


This completely fresh clip shows an unedited minute of gameplay, from a chapter quite far into the game. Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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Among the Sleep, behind the scenes video


Are you curious how Among the Sleep is made? In this video you’ll see Bjørnar playing around with some environments! It’s captured in the Unity engine, while assembling and lighting a test scene. In the end you’ll also see him walk around in the scene. Do you feel inspired to make video games? There is no reason not to!

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Free Among the Sleep Alpha, now with Oculus Rift support!


We recently published the Oculus Rift-supported version of our free Among the Sleep Alpha! For everyone with devkits, you can now download and test it from this url.

Please keep in mind that it´s still a work in progress though. For example the menu is currently being remade to support the Rift, which means that you will still have start the game and change controller settings etc. outside the Rift. There is also a Oculus Rift toggle on/off in the graphics settings.

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Progress and release info & three fresh screenshots

We’ve seen some great progress on Among the Sleep the last months. While focusing intensively on the chapters that needs most work, we have also started to combine all chapters into into one continuous experience. Things are really starting to shape up, which has given us a decent overview of what is left to do.

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