We are looking for testers!

Do you want to help us by testing our projects? Please visit this page and sign up!

For the time being we are only testing the project Among the Sleep, but you can choose to be included for future projects as well. We will be testing both specific aspects (such as sound, controls, physics, story and visuals) as well as the game as a whole. We will contact testers continuously when we need you, so it might take some time before you are contacted. Thanks a lot!


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12 Responses to We are looking for testers!

  1. Wikzo says:

    Is the test done online, or do you go to Norway and test it in person?

    • It will be possible to test the game remotely at a later stage, so please do sign up! But for now, we are mostly testing with people at our offices. If you have the opportunity for a travel, we love visits though.

  2. jonathon Finney says:

    this game looks amazing! i would not be able to visit in person but if you need anyone to test from their own home i could! keep up the good work !

  3. XSuicuneX says:

    This looks amazing and fascinating…I’ve never tested before. XD

  4. Maple says:

    Among the Sleep looks incredible! I’ve played a few horror games before, but they only really provided “jump” scares. This game has a great concept and reverts back to a child’s fear of the dark and monsters. I’m very excited for this game to finish!

  5. Alex says:

    This looks extremely interesting.
    Also wondering, do you have to be eighteen or older to test?

  6. Andreas says:

    i watch the trailer i thought this is an amazing game, i am looking forward to it and think it`s going to be successful game

    and i volunteer as tribute! to be a tester to this game

  7. Andy Gomez says:

    I’d be open to test! Of course, not in Norway :p Looks like a great game, a new genre perhaps????

  8. Guys game looks amazing. I really want to know more about it and make an interview if its possible for our magazine here in Argentina. Please contact me.


  9. Stian Johansen says:

    Jeg vil gjerne teste dette spillet, jeg har testet mye spill i det siste! Håper dere husker meg.

    PS: Dere har fått e-mail ifra meg!

  10. david alexander villalva says:

    me gustaria ser un tester y probar el juego antes que nadie :D

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