Announcing a small side project: The Plan

It’s time to unveil a small side project we have been toying with for some time! The Plan is an experimental self-discovery videogame exploring issues of death and meaning. Don’t worry, we’re still hard at work with Among the Sleep, but we think it is vital to always keep our minds fresh by exploring new ideas.

We are hoping to release The Plan for free on both PC, MAC and Linux this autumn. Please have a look at the project website for some more art.

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8 Responses to Announcing a small side project: The Plan

  1. Looks interesting!
    Digga krillbite!

  2. BloodyMessRemix says:

    ooh free? :D sounds decent, too!

  3. Maco says:

    For freeeeeeeeeee??? Really? A quality game for free?
    I’d like to know more about this, so I’ll keep an eye!

  4. Domenic says:

    Hey it is 2:40 am and i was like I’am going to search for a game like amnesia so for 5 hours i found it Amoung The Sleep dude looks sick please release for every system and release EARLY CAN’T WAIT PLEASE work double time ok inwill pay 50$ right mow if i can have it by the x-mas no make it 100$ if i can please hurry love what your doing keep it up

  5. Gregory says:

    Hey man, can’t wait for Among the Sleep! So what is this game about? I would love to see.

  6. Carlos says:

    Realy nice! worked great on linux too. Is among the sleep planed for linux in the future too? I hope so because I am looking forward to this game but I am not interested in buying windows or a mac just for playing.

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