Free Among the Sleep Alpha, now with Oculus Rift support!


We recently published the Oculus Rift-supported version of our free Among the Sleep Alpha! For everyone with devkits, you can now download and test it from this url.

Please keep in mind that it´s still a work in progress though. For example the menu is currently being remade to support the Rift, which means that you will still have start the game and change controller settings etc. outside the Rift. There is also a Oculus Rift toggle on/off in the graphics settings.

Going forward we’ll be optimising the implementation a lot, and we have established a good relationship with Oculus themselves to acquire feedback on how to create the best Rift experience for you.

Anyho, please feel free to send us any feedback you might have here, and we’ll keep optimising it in the months to come!

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30 Responses to Free Among the Sleep Alpha, now with Oculus Rift support!

  1. Hi there,

    nice title you got there!

    Some critics though:
    -Upon launching the game, there is no VR even if you got the Rift connected. You got to go through the menus in order to set it up (“VR support”) – couldn’t that be automated?

    - I see “ghost” images on my ASUS Gaming Laptop. The seams for the carpet in the starting room (when you fell off the craddle) are just projected into one eye.

    - also, when you stand in front of the door and want to push the doorhandle, there is a transparent door handle picture for me under the “real” doorhandle for the left eye

    - although there is gamma correction available, the game is still pretty dark

    But keep up the good work! It looks great so far.

  2. It is the shadowmaps which are wronlgy mapped for the left eye. I am using an ASUS Gaming Laptop with an NVidia 770 graphics card and the latest driver.

    (could you also pls strip my email footer from my previous post? Thank you!)

  3. Ok, so turns out my graphics card doesn’t like the SSAO option – this throws off the shadowmaps. If left unchecked, everyting is fine.

    Now back to the game…

  4. Air says:

    is the demo also for Mac ?

  5. Fluke says:

    Looking good in the Rift, but ran into a few issues.

    The field of view appears to be slightly “off”. When you turn your head, you can see it “warping” sligtly (sort of like a very, very subtle fish eye effect). You can see it more clearly if you stand next to the corner of a bookcase and turn your head left and right – the different sides of the bookcase come into view more than they should (hard to describe, but obvious when you do it).

    There are some clipping issues when you crouch down, and also noticed that crouching in one of the hallways seemed to cause the occasional shadow glitch.

    When I dropped down the pipe, nothing happened. From what I remember of the original demo, you should be transported to the place with the cottage, but nothing happened. I just ended up being able to clip through the scenery at the bottom of the pipe.

    On a more minor note, knocking the skittles over – the sound effect didn’t fit really.

    Good stuff though, can’t wait for the full game :)

  6. Jon Nonya says:

    This was very epic in the rift even with it not being fully implemented. I did a video review of it for the people that don’t have a rift.

  7. Enno Gottschalk says:

    Hi guys,

    can’t wait to try this out. Unfortunately the download is going extremely slow for me. ~5kb/s
    Would be awesome if you guys could fix that :)


  8. Enno Gottschalk says:

    Oh wait nvm. The problem was my brother leeching like a boss. Sorry ^^

  9. To all: Thank you so much for the feedback. We’re uploading an updated build tomorrow evening if things go to plan.

    @Christophe It’ll have Rift mode automatically enabled/disabled as you plug/unplug the device.

    I’m afraid the SSAO effect isn’t compatible with stereographic rendering yet. Will look into this as soon as we have more time.

    The GUI hand should be fixed in the next build.

    @Air We’ll be sure to build for Mac next time as well, thanks for letting us know.

    @Fluke We’ll fix the distortion in the next build, and the adjustable FOV slider is a great idea. We’ll put it on the todo list.

    We’re aware of the clipping issues, and we’re researching into the best way of solving this. It’s caused because of the camera position we found working best for VR, broke the existing animations of the child, by clipping through them. Maybe we’ll be able to find a better camera position.

    The pipe should be loading the Main Menu which should also be included as the starting point in the next build we’ll upload.

    @Jon Awesome review, thank you! :)

    @Enno Watching too many funny cat videos at the same time?

  10. prtcle says:

    Just got an HD rift prototype . . . going to try this out! :)

  11. Charlie says:

    how do I install this?

  12. Dr.Jizmo says:

    Very well done every sound or creek in the floor had me nervious and wondering whats around the next corner this demo is amazing and left me wanting more keep up the good work!

  13. Mrs C says:

    I think its awesome but the issues i came across that the sprinting didnt work for me at all i even tried changing the key to it and it never worked, i also got stuck in the middle of the tub thing that you crawl into.

  14. Justin says:

    I love it!!! And it’s compatible with low end PCs!!! It won’t lag for me!!!! I hope this game is worth the wait and for those it’s one level read it next time Mrs C, as for sprinting issues it’s a damn 2yo you not a adult. Toddlers can’t very well you do know what a two year old is right?

  15. Eric says:

    Game launches on the rift and even goes to the main title screen with no problems. As soon as I hit New Game, it goes to a black screen, keeps playing the ambient sound effects, but never loads.

  16. Eric Reischel says:


    the Alpha for the oculus dont work for me. I see the Menu but the level dont load and i see black at the loading screen but i hear noise . At the output file i can read “(Filename: Line: -1)

    “Level ‘Level00′ (-1) couldn’t be loaded because it has not been added to the build settings.
    To add a level to the build settings use the menu File->Build Settings…”

  17. Hi Eric,

    Could you try out this build and let me know how it works?

    The black screen after the menu is because the loading screen hasn’t been adapted for VR just yet. One of the few things left for VR.

    Also, you can now adjust the FOV using the “|” on the pc keyboard to retrieve the console. Just input “fov 110″ or any other number.
    For the menu you can adjust the menu gui size in the options.

    Let me know how this works! :-)

  18. Robert says:


    No luck with this build either. Regular demo works fine, VR demo hangs at the loading screen with the control explanations. Please help. Thank you.

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  21. Shane Mitchell says:

    I’m experiencing the same issue with this build and the build posted in comments. The game does not load past the “loading screen” (i.e. in VR mode, it stops at the black screen after “New Story”, where in non-VR mode, it stops at the controller instruction screen).

    When this occurs, I can press the | console key and see a few errors logged in the console. Additionally the error_log file shows issues.

    Please contact me at the email address I specified in this reply and I will send you the error_log file and anything else you need (specs/etc).

    • Shane Mitchell says:

      Turns out that when this happens and the game doesn’t load, you can play the level by typing “ll level01″ in the console and it will resume as per normal.

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  23. Janacek says:


    The link given seems to be dead :(

    • Svein says:

      Hi Janacek,

      we removed the alpha version of the game after releasing the full version. You could always try the demo on Steam :)

  24. Zafer says:

    Is the oculus rift support of OSX version?

  25. Eva says:

    Where do u get this game? I want this game actually. I’m 8 yrs old and I’m making a video in Unlimited Ninja, an online game. I’m making part 2 of my video
    How much does this game cost? I hope it’s free….
    I’m going to send my video to YouTube and I’ll be a Youtuber!!!!!!! :) :) If my video goes wrong I’ll fix my video. I don’t wanna download the game Among the sleep, I just wanna play the demo. And actually IS THE TREE MAN THE MOM OF THE BABY??!?!?! And where do u get the Oculus Rift. I hope it’s free……

  26. Eva says:


  27. bob says:

    this scary game is so scary

  28. kaydyn says:


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