Krillbite Video Policy - Can I Make Videos?
  • Hi!

    I run a small YouTube channel,, and am very interested in Among The Sleep. I've seen several videos and love the idea and would like to do a series on it myself when it comes out.

    As such, I was wondering what the Krillbite policy of video creation is. Is it ok to create videos using your content (Among The Sleep (Alpha and final versions), The Path (because really, that looks really cool) and/or possible future projects)?

    If so, are you ok with video makers putting ads in these videos?

    A lot of people go ahead and make videos regardless, but those of us who actively seek the proper permission would appreciate to hear your stance on the matter.
  • Hi Johnyliltoe (peculiar name that), 

    We are okay with people creating videos using content from Among the Sleep and The Plan (I assume you meant The Plan). Using ads on these videos is also permitted. 

    As for future projects we will most likely allow videos using footage from these as well, but it's not something we can guarantee as we don't even know what projects we'll be doing yet!

    We hope you'll have fun playing our games while making videos! :)
    Svein-Gisle Sætre - 3D Artist/Community Manager
  • Great, thanks for responding! And yes, The Plan... not sure how I messed that up considering I learned about it all of 5 minutes before making this thread, if I recall correctly...

    Thanks a lot for your permission! Definitely makes sense to withhold a final say on future projects, though I figured I'd ask just to be sure.

    Now just to wait for Among The Sleep's full release... so excited!

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